We do accept credit and debit cards, but by phone or in person only.  Not over the 



                                         Kelly and (Ron)  

              e-mail: kellyjoyescrafts@yahoo.com





   Spokane, Wa. - October 14, 15 & 16 - 2016

  Holiday Happenings - Great Falls, Mt. - Nov. 19 & 20 - 2016



   I have to apologize for not getting my letter for this year done.  Just still trying to adjust to life now 

without Ron.  I do want people to know that I am still in business and getting things a little more organized.

I intend to do the shows for as long as I can, but depending on friends and family to help is hard to do.  I am 

so blessed for my good friend Carol and my sister Kitty for all the help they have given me.  Whether I will

have to give up the shows or not, I will still continue to have my on-line business and ship my products.  Believe

me, I have ALOT of items to get painted and or finished!!  So keep checking in!!  Thank you.  Kelly


   Any questions, feel free to call me at 406-463-2383 or email me.