Stained with pin cushion top (material will vary):  $30.00

               Painted designs:  $55.00



             14"L-11"D-4"Thick for different spool heights




      Thread Carousels
























                              The Thread Carousels are 7 1/2 X 7 1/2 X 12" Tall.  

                              Three sides have removable pegs that hold 12 spools per 

                              side (reg. and larger spools) plus there matching bobbins.

                              They can also hold the larger serger threads.  One side has

                              a two hooks for hanging scissors, tape measures or rotary

                              cutters.  The lid lifts off for storage inside.

      These are just a few of the designs I have done and I am always doing other

    designs.  We make them just stained with no painting or we can add a pincushion

    on top or with painting such as the samples above.  More designs to come!


                     Unfinished:  $35.00

                     Stained:       $45.00

                     Pincushion top: $50.00

                     Painted:       $60.00